KNX Installer Ireland

Norlect Engineering are proud to be a KNX Partner for installation and commission of KNX Systems throughout the UK and Ireland.

KNX is an incredibly powerful solution for process automation but also adds other bolt on benefits such as dimming capabilities, scene setting, IF rule execution and energy saving. If your new to KNX have a look at the possibilities outlined in the diagram below:

KNX can be installed and applied to residential properties from as little at 10 devices (including lights, heating, blinds, etc…) and up to 100,000 devices on commercial scale such as the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium

We not only install and commission KNX systems throughout the UK and Ireland but also have excellent trading terms on hundreds of KNX devices and controls.

For more information on KNX or to acquire a quote for install and/or commission please leave us your details below: