Electric Vehicle Charging

Norlect Engineering Ltd is an OLEV and SafeCert approved contractor enabling us to supply, install and commission OLEV approved Electrical Vehicle Charger Units and also complete the necessary paperwork to register the installation and file for a Government Grant on your behalf.

We work with only the very best Electric Vehicle Charging Units and happily put our mark of guarantee on Garo, a Swedish brand of Electric Vehicle Charger. Garo’s new breed of EV Chargers are Modern and proportionately small with advanced versatility. Some of the clear benefits of this unit are:

  • Variable Output – Works with any Make and Model or Car
  • Multiple Hookup Options – EU or JP Connection with or without Lead
  • Adaptable for Energy Monitoring
  • Adaptable for Load Balancing
  • Secure and Robust
Electric Vehicle Charger Installers in NI

If you meet the criteria set out by OLEV (UK Grant Body) or SEAI (ROI Grant Body) then you may be eligible to acquire an OLEV grant of up to £500 or an SEAI Grant of up to €600. We complete the assignment for you and should be eligible we will also complete any required paperwork.


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