PAT Testing

Certified by NICEIC and other regulating bodies, Norlect Engineering carry out Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) throughout Northern and Southern Ireland.

PAT Testing is the process of verifying your appliances are of sound condition and safe for public and safe use. An annual PAT Test of your appliances is recommended to demonstrate a duty of care and necessary steps taken to ensure safe and functional appliances.


What does our PAT Test Service involve?

Each individual appliance (PC, Monitor, Kettle, Heaters, etc…) are tested with a digital PAT Tester under 3 separate tests. Appliances that pass all 3 tests will be labelled with a pass sticker as below and appliances that fail to pass will be labelled with the fail sticker as below.


Under client instruction we can take remedial action to resolve any failing issues noted during the PAT test so your item can be certified for use.

For more information on our PAT testing and pricing please contact us via the below form: